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29 Aug 2017

National AGM 31st August Live Streaming.  For the first time, those who are not able to attend the National Annual Conference to be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, can watch the AGM day live on the internet.  To access the AGM live stream, visit on 31st August. The whole day will be broadcast so tune in from around 9am to catch the morning speaker, Jo Coleman. The full programme is available at
(Post conference note - the live stream is now available on YouTube - U3A AGM 2017 YouTube)

06 Apr 2017

Dissolution of the Association and the RRC

A proposal to dissolve the Association of East Midlands U3As and its governing body the Regional Representative Council (RRC) was put to the Association's AGM held on 19th September 2016 (the AGM 2016 documents can be found in the Publications Archive)..  More U3As were in favour than against but there was not the necessary two-thirds majority.  There were no nominations for the RRC officer positions for the coming year but Pat Reeve (Chairman), Margaret Taylor (Secretary), Stephne Tewson (Assistant Secretary) and Rita Foulkes (Treasurer) volunteered to act as officers in the short term to resolve the situation.

The good news is that the East Midlands U3A Region and the support from the Regional Trustee continue whether or not the Association is dissolved as they.are integral parts of the national U3A structure.   The Association was formed in the region before the County Networks were established and has successfully overseen the growth of County Networks and Neighbourhood Groups to an extent that dissolution can be considered. 

A meeting of the RRC was held on 9th November 2016 where the dissolution of the Association of East Midlands U3As and the RRC was discussed.  The Chairman and Secretaries were tasked with putting a statement to all U3As in the Region on the dissolution of the Association and RRC.  They prepared a Statement from the RRC asking all U3As in the region to participate in a survey.   

The results of the survey were reviewed and a Resolution to Dissolve (click to view) was prepared for the meeting of the RRC held on 1st March 2017.  At the time of the meeting 92 U3As out of a total of 108 were in favour of dissolution and since the meeting three more responses in favour of dissolution have been received.  The members attending that meeting unanimously agreed the Resolution and Stephne Tewson circulated this result in an Email to the U3As in the Region (click to view), and attached a copy of the resolution and a summary of the results county by county.  Dissolution will be complete when the Treasurer has distributed the surplus funds to the contributing U3As and closed the accounts.

Minutes of the last RRC meeting and historical documents relating to the Association can be found in the Publications Archive.

Moving Forward

The Regional Trustee, volunteers and representatives of the Networks and Neighbourhood Groups are working together to ensure that:

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