The East Midlands U3A Region

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Learn more about how the East Midlands U3A Region operates:

What the Region Offers

  1. Purpose
    The East Midlands U3A Region has two fundamental purposes:
    • To enable U3As to work together to help them meet their objectives (learning recreation and companionship) – by cooperative activities usually involving discussion and sharing of experiences.
    • To ensure U3As have the opportunities to propose and vote for their representative on the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Third Age Trust. Later it provides one means by which to communicate with the NEC through the Trustee.
  2. Networks
    Because of its geographical size the Region has divided itself into five County Networks of U3As (with Leicestershire and Rutland operating as one). This allows U3As to get together with considerably less travelling.  Have a look at the websites for the Derbyshire  Leicestershire and Rutland, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire Networks to see what they do and their latest news.   Networks are inherent parts of the Region they are not additions to it.
  3. Membership of the Region
    Following the National Emergency General Meeting of the TAT in May 2008 all U3As were assigned to Regions for the election of Trustees to the National Executive Committee of the TAT.   U3As can choose not to take part in the election and can indicate they do not wish to receive communications from ‘the region’ or to make financial contributions to it.   But they cannot leave the Region or change Region.   That is part of their relationship with the TAT and which includes allowing them to be known as U3As.
  4. Funding
    The Region receives funding from the TAT for specific and prescribed events.   .
    • Regional budget assigned annually by NEC Treasurer to the Regional Trustee which could, for example, pay for the East Midlands U3As Regional Conference. 
    • Trust funded workshops for topics identified by NEC which provide support for U3As: total cost borne by Third Age Trust. 
    • Money for Network Workshops attended by at least 5 U3As comes from a separate national workshop budget. Up to 500 per workshop which is attended by at least 5 U3As is available.
    • Regional Volunteer expenses (for activities approved by the Regional Trustee) from the Third Age Trust. 
    • Start-Up grants from the Third Age Trust for new U3As (up to 200).
    • Publicity grants from the Third Age Trust for events which increase awareness of the U3A movement (up to 20).

Role of the Regional Trustee

The role of the Regional Trustee is to act as a channel of communication between the National Executive Committee (NEC) and U3As in the Region, working with the County Networks to ensure that we provide the right level of support for U3As as well as starting new ones.
The current Regional Trustee is Jean Hogg, who took up the post in September 2018 and will remain as Trustee until the Third Age Trust AGM in August 2021.

Role of the Networks

  1. To provide a forum for the discussion of issues of importance to U3As in the Network.
  2. To coordinate and initiate the development of new U3As in the County.
  3. To enable U3As cooperatively to initiate aspects of learning support by:
    • Sharing matters of current importance to them;
    • Setting up cooperative ventures;
    • Participating in local Shared Learning Projects.
  4. To carry out other cooperative activities decided by U3As in the County.
  5. To work with the Regional Trustee to the benefit of the region.
  6. To contribute to regional means of communication.
  7. To complement and extend regional activities e.g. on supporting Group Leaders.
  8. To establish such mechanisms as are deemed necessary to discharge their functions and responsibilities.   (e.g. The frequency of meetings, arrangements for Chairing meetings and the preparation of Agenda and minutes.)
  9. To develop policies and plans as U3As see fit.